Workshop Testimonials

So far CPANI have held almost 40 workshops which have been attended by over 400 people. We want to ensure that we are making a difference and assisting those who wish to apply for a public appointment. We request anonymous feedback from everyone who attends, some examples of which are below. 

  • "Very informative - makes whole process seem more manageable."
  • "Very well paced, well-structured and relaxed. Learnt lots about the process and how to optimise responses to questions."
  • "It was excellent and I learnt more about what is required when applying and how the process works."
  • "Very good pre-workshop communication and documents sent including preparation advice and directions etc. Excellent delivery of workshop by both facilitators."
  • "The presenters were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced."
  • "Very informative step-by-step process of application form through to appointment."
  • "Having already applied for a public appointment which i did not get, this increased my confidence to try again."
  • "I enjoyed the informal atmosphere - it was easy to ask particular questions. The Facilitators were very accomplished and easy to listen to - a clear and balanced delivery."
  • "Made the public appointment process easier to understand."
  • "The workshop achieved its goals of explaining in the detail the process and the skills required."
  • "This provided excellent advice which will be put to good use."
  • "The workshop was held in a very encouraging environment, it was time well spent."
  • "I did feel the process was demystified. i would feel more confident in applying and understanding what is being asked for."
  • "The insight into how the entire process works is very helpful."